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When your team in the organization decides to obtain international certifications, you will face a big and exciting challenge. Do you feel drowned in a world of standards? Don't worry, trust our experienced professionals to help you along the way for a free consultation. During the consultation session, you expand your information regarding the standards required by your organization, and an expert evaluates whether you are ready for certification or not. You will benefit from expert guidance to eliminate confusion and determine your next steps. Hear the real story of the challenges and barriers to implementing these standards and discover how certification can benefit your company.

Organizations seeking ISO certification


must pass through a process in which the relevant standard requirements are established (usually with the help of an ISO consultant) and then an ISO certification authority audits the organization and, if successful, after the organization audit, issues a certificate. Undoubtedly, today’s competitive market and increasing customer expectations require a scientific and rational approach to management and quality. Continuous improvement in quality in service delivery is possible as a result of management performance.


Standards are used by organizations to manage various aspects of services and organizational activities, and ISO is one of these standards.


In small organizations where there is no system, how things are done is probably not recorded anywhere. What ISO implements, Writing and recording methods, procedures, guides, forms, and documents. ISO ensures that everyone knows what to do and that the commitment to work is built on structured and orderly instructions.


Therefore, time, money, and resources are effectively utilized through ISO. To increase the productivity and effectiveness of the organization, the way things are done according to ISO is managed through a systems approach. ISO ensures that nothing significant is missed and that everyone is responsible for what they do.


Nowadays, to achieve excellence and competitive performance at the global level, organizations must comply with the minimum requirements regarding the environment, employees, customers, competitors, society, suppliers, etc., and they are therefore committed to achieving ISO within their field. Organizations need to be approved by reputable institutions such as ISO to show their commitment to satisfying stakeholders. This will enable them to have a positive image at the level of national and international interactions.


The ISO consultant can help businesses achieve the growth and development they desire. To begin, he introduces the appropriate standard for the organization’s activities, and then introduces and validates the centers that grant these standards to applicants.


The consultant determines the cost and time of each valid ISO standard for each applicant based on the accreditation centers. On the other hand, the difficulties of obtaining ISO and different routes; require different efforts. The consultant guides the applicant according to the time available to the applicant and the cost of obtaining ISO. It is helpful to consider shorter, easier, and cheaper ways to get ISO by using reputable advice.


How does the free consultation work?


We will schedule a convenient time to talk on the phone.


Join us for a consultation session to learn about the world of standards and how they can benefit your organization. You can expect a stress-free and trouble-free call. You can ask any questions you like! And if you don’t know where to start or what to ask, we can guide you. Most of all, you can count on your consultation to be practical, helpful, and well worth your time.


At the end of the consultation session, you will get to know the standards related to your business. You will choose the best certificate and standard according to the goals of your organization with the help of our experts, and our consultants will guide you in this smart decision.