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A person is holding a quality product and is evaluating customer satisfaction

ISO 10004

Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for monitoring and measuring

What is ISO 10004?

ISO 10004 Quality management – ​​Customer satisfaction – Monitoring and measurement

Guidelines, ISO 10004 guides in defining and implementing processes for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is achieved through identifying customer expectations, analyzing, and collecting data on customer satisfaction, and improving and monitoring customer satisfaction. ISO 10004 targets organizations of all sizes and industries. Among the countless benefits of implementing this standard, we can mention the resolution of complaints, customer satisfaction, customer orientation, and encouraging personnel to improve relations with customers.

ISO 10004 is intended for use by organizations, regardless of type, size or product offered. ISO 10004 focuses on customers outside the organization.

To pursue these goals, the organization must:

Identify customer expectations.

Collect customer satisfaction data

Analyzing customer satisfaction data

Providing feedback to improve customer

Monitoring customer satisfaction for ongoing customer satisfaction

Key principles for implementing ISO 10004

Key principles for implementing and maintaining effective monitoring and measurement processes for customer satisfaction include:

A commitment of the organization

Ensure effective capacity to manage monitoring and measurement processes

Transparency of monitoring and measurement processes

Access for all interested

Responding to monitoring and measurement results

Integrity and confidentiality of information

Ensuring a customer-centric approach that promotes accountability and competence.

Provide a timeline for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction

Understanding and continuous monitoring and measurement

Why Implement ISO 10004?

ISO10004 is the latest published standard in the field of customer orientation that can help your business prosper and present a new face of your organization in the mind of the customer as a customer-oriented organization.

Information obtained from monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction can help identify opportunities for organizational improvement in strategies, products, processes, and features valued by customers.

Measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction using different techniques helps the organization to understand customer satisfaction needs that are not usually expressed by the customer and are unknown to the organization; be aware This standard provides information about customer expectations and resolves complaints to ensure customer satisfaction. Identifying trends and thus eliminating the causes of complaints and encouraging personnel to improve their skills in working with customers, is the basis for continuous review and analysis of the complaint handling process, among the reasons for establishing this management system.

Objectives of ISO 10004

Using this standard, which uses the most modern marketing systems, the following goals are pursued:

Continuous identification of customer expectations (current and potential).

Creating a reliable system to collect real and accurate data

Creating a scientific system to analyze data

Providing appropriate feedback for improvement (including organizational improvement, product improvement, and service improvement)

Finally, customer satisfaction leads to increased sales for the organization.

Benefits of ISO 10004

Help increase the effectiveness of ISO quality management

Accelerate the identification and response to feedback from customers and other stakeholders of the organization

Increase customer satisfaction and other stakeholders of the organization (customer retention)

Obtain information about consumer expectations and use customer feedback to improve product quality. (Continuous improvement)

Increase the credibility of the organization (reputation).

Encourage employees to improve customer relations. (Improve communication)

Possible to measure and measure customer satisfaction

Timely diagnosis of the customer’s expectations

Oriented approach to resolving complaints

Increase productivity, sales, and profitability

Assess yourself from the customer’s perspective.

Finally, the customer decides whether he is satisfied with our products or services or not. That’s the piece that we need to get to and really work on and create a program that looks at it as objectively as possible. And this is possible with the implementation of ISO 10004.

To achieve customer satisfaction, look at your workflow as if you were a customer. For example, if you are using an IVR system, call this system as a customer and press the corresponding numbers. In many cases, you realize that what you are looking for cannot be obtained by dialing numbers. Therefore, you prefer to speak with an operator. If this is not possible, the customer will simply remove you from the competition and go to your competitors.